Do you know the difference- Head-hunter or Recruiter?

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Are you looking for a recruitment partner with a deep knowledge and understanding of your market? A recruitment partner that understands your needs and wants?

Knowing the difference between a Head-hunter and a Recruiter is vital when securing your next career move. The level of professionalism you get from a head-hunter is very different to an average contingency recruitment consultant.

So, what is the difference between head-hunters and recruiters? 

Head-hunters (also branded as Retained search agents) are used to find the most suitable professional for a specific role, whether or not they are actively looking for new opportunities. They look for the best individual within the industry and contact them directly (meaning they don’t wait for them to apply to roles or for them to approach the agency first). It is usually understood that the most suited candidates are the ones working, so head-hunters find and present them with an opportunity that may interest and encourage them to move.

When companies have a vacancy to fill, a recruitment agency usually fills the role with a suitable individual. More often than not, this will be someone actively looking in the market (actively applying to roles, contacting recruitment companies or posting their CV onto job boards). But wouldn’t you want the best individuals in the market that are currently working, to work for you?

Here at Pangea, our head-hunters are experts and thought leaders within their industry. The depth and quality we dive into to understand your wants and needs is second to none. We identify your interests, build a relationship and a deep understanding about you and your career next move.

Remember, the war for talent is getting more and more competitive. Companies and their hiring managers can’t afford to put up with the “average” recruiter and that’s what makes Pangea different. Our specialist head-hunters have deep market knowledge, enabling them to provide you with a high quality service to you and your team.