How can psychometric testing help you and your recruitment challenges?

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Do you find your internal recruitment timely and costly?

It is a fact that individuals interview differently and, of course, some better than others. In most cases, how an interview goes is not always a true reflection on how an individual will fit the role, resulting in high turnover and high recruitment fees.

Psychometric testing springs a powerful insight into how to select the best possible candidates by evaluating a range of skills such as numerical, verbal, abstract, logical reasoning and personality traits- all aspects a company look at when recruiting. Selecting individuals for your company is not all about how well they will do the job, it is also very important how well they will fit in to the existing team and how they will develop in the future.

It is believed that it takes an average time of 11 weeks to hire from an agency or RPO and 11 weeks to hire in-house. If you’re quite surprised just like I was by these figures, then the importance of Psychometric testing will be a lot clearer! This is a lengthy process, so one you want to get right first time! Psychometric testing can help reduce the hiring time and cost of internal recruitment.

Although there are debates as to whether or not they are an accurate measure of someone’s personality, traits and their ability to complete a job, the advantages are a lot greater and will benefit any organisation in the long run:

  • The tests give an overall and in-depth picture into individuals, enabling you to see a clear picture, rather than stabbing in the dark.
  • The results help with the management of an individual, as it highlights ideal management styles and preferred leadership styles.  

State of the art psychometric testing is also used to identify ideal coaching and development guidelines, as well as motivating strategies for each consultant. This allows directors and senior managers to provided tailored support to individuals, helping them to be the best.

It is very important not to assume a candidate’s personality just based on their test results but by basing your hiring decisions on both the interview you conduct and the test results. In return this should show how the candidates compare to one another and who would be the right fit for your team.

At Pangea, we use and rely on psychometric testing both internally and externally.

With our Executive Search service we use psychometric testing to give our clients an all-round picture of each candidate we put forward, enabling them to make an informed decision on the individuals they hire.

Internally, we use psychometric testing as a large part of our internal recruitment process. Understanding our consultants leadership profile, personality traits and management style, allows us to thoroughly understand our employees and provide them with the best leadership style to suit and grow them here at Pangea.

The psychometric tool is a powerful and insightful test which benefits Pangea, our clients and you in many ways.