6 traits that make a great recruiter

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There are endless amounts of career paths out there, so it can be daunting and hard to work out which path to go down!

If you are fresh out of university and feeling abit lost, we put together, what we think, are the 6 top traits that make a great recruiter – so if you tick all the boxes, this could be a career for you!

A great recruiter is:

Money Motivated

Does uncapped commission and quick career progression sound good to you and your bank balance?! If you enjoy the finer things in life, holidays, nice cars or looking to buy a house, this career can help you get there! If you are motivated by money and what it can get you, then this is a fantastic foundation of a great recruiter right there!

Recruitment is a sales-based role; therefore, recruiters get rewarded for the deals they make in the form of commission, which is often uncapped. This industry, therefore allows you to earn unlimited money on top of your basic salary every year! As well as money being a motivator, many companies offer a range of incentives like lunch at Michelin star restaurants to VIP holidays abroad! If you are driven by money, rewards and are sales-orientated then recruitment could be for you!


Are you the ‘outgoing one’? Love talking? Maybe your school report said “talks too much”? Then this will really work to your advantage in recruitment! In recruitment, your job is to talk to clients and candidates all day long, and engage in proper conversation- the perfect career for a chatterbox! Not like a call centre where you are reading a script, but you have real conversations with real people. If you enjoy talking, meeting and engaging with people, both internally and externally, recruitment life could be right up your street!


Did you enjoy sports at school and university? Or are you motivated by succeeding, being a high achiever and winning in life? Then recruitment could be for you as these individuals often have a real desire to succeed. More often than not these competitive individuals end up making excellent sales-people, so if you thrive under pressure and find competition energising, rather than exhausting, recruitment is the perfect avenue to make a living out of it.

Resilient and looking for a challenge!

Recruitment is not a job for those who want to take a back seat in their career, that’s for sure! In recruitment, you are building your own desk, making your own money; you have to be proactive and enjoy ‘hunting’ for new business! Two days are never the same in recruitment and working with people, rather than a product can mean the job is very unpredictable, and for some that’s all part of the fun and keeps them going back to work every day!

Solution oriented

If you are after predictability and certainty, then perhaps recruitment isn’t for you - as a day in this job is never the same and can change every minute! Recruitment can be described as a jigsaw puzzle; that may be because you have a great candidate, but no idea which client to send them too, or that you had the perfect candidate and they dropped on the radar hours before an interview. There are many things that can go wrong or ‘put a spanner in the works’ in recruitment, so recruiters need to be agile and provide solutions for when it doesn’t quite go to plan!


When the going gets tough, recruiters need to be able to stay positive. Your patience will be tested so resilience and positivity is a necessity! You will hear a lot of ‘no’s’ from both clients and candidates. The ability to take unexpected turns in stride and remembering that there is a ‘yes’ out there somewhere, is key!

If you tick all the boxes, then get in touch! We are looking for Trainee Recruitment Consultants to join the team in London! If you are keen to find out more about the role or maybe just interested in finding out more about the industry, then contact Lauren for a chat!, 0203 142 7802.