The Challenge

As the new digital service business venture for SMA Solar – Coneva GmbH was launched, they needed both technical and commercial personnel to join the business.

Building the team proved to be a challenge for Coneva, as they had the same business model as other companies in the industry and candidates were already speaking to these companies, who were offering similar roles.


The Solution

After identifying the challenge Coneva were facing, Pangea helped to build the business from scratch and helped to manage the recruitment process and budget in accordance to a very competitive landscape.

Pangea used its Executive Search service to proactively reach out to the market, to find the best talent within the industry.

After building a relationship with candidates and presenting them with an attractive opportunity, Coneva quickly became the candidates first-choice preference over their competitors and joined the team. Pangea then facilitated and onboarded both the technical and commercial personnel into the company.


The Result

As a result of a successful onboarding of candidates, the company remains in a very strong position within an emerging and competitive industry, given that they are equipped with the best talent in the market.

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