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    FTR/Congestion Trader

    Sector Supply & Training

This position will be to develop and engage the Financial Transmission Rights Trading for MISO, PJM and other ISO’s. Developing fundamental nodal congestion and bidding/trading strategies by performing Powerflow analysis, conducting research in market fundamentals and management of diversified portfolios, the key responsibilities of the role are:

  • Perform and develop transmission analysis to identify short and long-term congestion risks and opportunities to increase business operations
  • Utilise Powerflow and production cost based simulation applications to develop congestion outlooks
  • Participate in monthly, annual and long term FTR auctions in MISO, PJM and various other energy markets. Conduct Powerflow analyses using technologies like Powerworld.  
  • Strategically measure and evaluate congestion in MISO, PJM and various other energy markets for potential growth
  • Minimise market bids and congestion hedges and assist in basis pricing for MISO, PJM and other energy markets
  • Assist with analysing and evaluating historical market data, path and portfolio selection and risk management criteria
  • Mentor junior traders


Key Requirements:

  • Must have experience using Powerworld and UPLAN Performing quantitative analysis including transmission and congestion analysis to identify risks and opportunities for power market growth
  • Bachelor’s degree required in either Engineering, Business Administration, Accounting, Finance, quantitative analysis or a related degree, Masters degree preferred
  • Must have four or more years of experience as an FTR Trader with a proven track record of profitability absent assets
  • Able to manage diversified portfolios of FTR products and hedging customer flow business positions; Conducting Powerflow analysis using Powerworld and Analysing large sets of data, using statistical software and Excel Pivot tables, to quantify trading risk exposures and support decision-making related to congestion forecasts
  • Proficiency in Excel, programming in VBA or SQL. JAVA would be an advantage
FTR/Congestion Trader Supply & Training
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