Our client, Momentum, won the construction management, assembly & installation for the ITER fusion project in South of France, which has been funded by 35 countries around the world. Since fusion holds so much potential as an environmentally clean and virtually limitless safe source of energy, the stakes of success are very high for all involved.



Momentum needed to grow a project organisation that would be able to deliver such a state of the art project that has never been conducted in history. However, the JV were experiencing delays in decision making, due to the number of stakeholders involved.

Due to the multinational nature of the project. further constraints and challenges have been faced due to the language barriers on the project.  



Due to there being a number of stakeholders on this project, globally, Pangea decided to implement Pangea-Intro onto the Momentum project. This platform enabled the process to be managed all ‘under one roof’, which enabled stakeholders to oversee and help manage the process, wherever they were in the world.

Pangea-Intro, a unique and interactive digital system allows free access between stakeholders and the candidates, that Pangea were representing for the project. The system is designed not only to test the skill of the individual but to also analyse the candidates based upon behaviours & values, in cross reference to the skillset, behaviours & values required for the project.

The Talent Acquisition team processed the carefully selected candidates through the Pangea Intro platform. Once selected, our in-house Global Mobilisation team initiated the mobilisation of the candidates onto site, arranging all aspects from, travel arrangement, local bank account setups, accommodation arrangement, local tax, social security setup, etc.  


The Result

We have successfully mobilised key members of the construction management team and are working exclusively with Momentum on the next phase of mobilisation, once the new project organisation charts are approved.

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