The Challenge 

After IPO-initial public offering, centric initiative – IPO impacted the offshore wind segment. After the IPO, our client realised, in order to win more projects, they needed to be more competitive within the wind sector. In order to do this, they needed a full competitor analysis to help them understand their competitors and become a big player in the market place.

Their challenge was streamlining the offshore wind business unit to execute projects, and at the same time be seen as an attractive employer and a more innovative business. They required a full market map assignment to map out and understand their competitors; to understand the smaller businesses in the sector and how they operate. This competitive market analysis would also allow them to be competitive within the market place, a position they needed to be in to win multiple offshore wind projects.


The Solution 

In order for our client to fully understand the market and their competitors, Pangea carried out a full market map assessment for its four major competitors. This included: organisational charts, market positioning, resource share, information into strategic insight into the development of the business, development cycles, innovation system and LCOE segments to assess how they bid.

This full assessment provided Innogy with the knowledge and insight to make informed business decisions and plans for the next 10 years – both from a strategic operations perspective as well as an overall attractive employer.


The Result 

Upon the successful delivery of a full market map, it has assisted the business strategy and enabled our client to make a number of key decisions in the business moving forward. As the company continues to grow, Pangea supports the business in a number of key areas, most recently with an extensive Executive Search for CEOs of Turkey, Ireland and the USA.


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