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​Pangea understands that top appointments transform organisations: selecting the right executive recruitment search firm is essential.

Expertise and focus are crucial. We thoroughly understand the Energy, Natural Resources, Engineering and Construction sectors and our network enables us to reach the best executive talent.

Our innovative search methodology follows 4 clear stages:


Full consultation to understand the requirement, company and strategic objectives.

Engagement of key stakeholders involved in the hiring process to understand and develop composite behavioural and skills profile.

Define timescales and recruitment process for the assignment.


Pangea deploy a dedicated headhunting team to start the market mapping process.

Develop advertising and employer branding strategy.

Reach out to our network and advertising channels.

Provide you with market map overview.

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Selected candidates are assessed through multiple interviews by Pangea’s Executive search team, formal and informal references from our network are also taken.

All candidates will be uploaded to our P-intro recruitment platform (see video) to begin assessment, perform video interviews, 360 referencing and executive testing as well as psychometric testing. The platform will enable all stakeholders, no matter where they are based in the world, to have access to the full executive summary of the candidate.

Shortlisted candidates for interviews are selected.


Post interview executive brief taken, detailing suitability and thoughts of the candidates.

Package negotiation handled by an experienced Pangea Managing Consultant.

On successful completion of the assignment, Pangea is responsible for releasing the runner-up candidates with full de-briefing.