What We Do:

Pangea Strategic Intelligence is an Expert Network specialising in Energy, Natural Resources and Infrastructure (“ENRI”). 

We connect our clients - ENRI businesses with information requirements - to custom-sourced and vetted subject matter experts who can provide the insights they need. Through facilitating direct consultancy with relevant industry professionals, we enable the companies we work with to make better informed decisions at greater speed. 

Services We Offer.

Telephone Consultations

The fastest, most efficient way to access insights from around world. Select your preferred consultation partners from a shortlist of custom-sourced experts, matched specifically against your information request.

Face-To-Face Meetings

(One-To-One, Groups, Panels, Workshops) – Make connections in person and dive into some deep learning on the topics you need to know about with top-level professionals from the field of interest.

Reports & Executive Summaries

Have a short document produced just for you, on whatever topic you are keen to learn about, written by a subject matter expert in the space you are investigating.

Full Strategic Research Design And Execution

Through harnessing the power of our network we are able to design strategic research in collaboration with our clients and then execute the projects on their behalf. A custombuilt combination of services, brought together into a single, cohesive output - offering all the benefits of a bespoke solution, with relatively little time commitment required from the client.

Project & Investor Introductions

An introduction service to assist projects looking for solid investment, and members of the investment community looking for great projects.

Purpose Driven Business

Our goal is to be a leader in facilitating the conversations that will help our sector towards attaining more sustainable methods of producing energy; to enable companies in our area to accelerate their own journeys within the wider context of energy transition, and to assist clients with their evolution into becoming businesses of the future.

Our business model is based on the value of creating communities. We, therefore, recognise the importance of investing in the communities around us – both in our immediate area and in the locations we do business.

At Pangea, we believe that the energy that matters most is human energy, and striving to maximise its positive potential is worthwhile. We have two key groups of stakeholders: those who have a genuine desire to learn; and those who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and experiences for the benefit of others.

Interactions between those two key groups will encourage ideas and developments that positively impact the future. By providing a platform that links them – building pathways that promote effective communication, nurturing the values of learning and sharing – we can contribute to changing the world for the better.

That’s why 5% of Pangea’s subscription revenue goes to good causes through the Work for Good platform. Half of the donation from each subscription is given to a charity chosen by the client, while the other half goes to causes in Pangea’s local or extended community.

What Our Clients Use Us For.

Investigating Opportunities For Expansion and Growth

Due Diligence on Strategic Decisions

Hypothesis Testing and Validation

Informing Investment Choices

Designing Best Practice Models

Innovation Incubation

Confronting Unexpected Changes

6 Key reasons clients choose us over our competition


Energy, Natural Resources and Infrastructure Specialism

Embedded in ENRI Since 2010. Able to provide thought leadership and insight On ENRI trends in a way that industry-agnostic providers cannot.

Custom Search Expertise

Our business has been built around the core competency of efficient searching for profiles that match client needs.

Outstanding User Experience

Technology that enables efficiency.

Simple, Straightforward Pricing

With great rates and flexibility for early-adopter subscriptions.

Cradle To Grave Solution

Our complementary set of services encompasses primary research; talent acquisition; and workforce mobilisation. We offer a full suite of solutions, taking you from ideation and strategy definition, right through to execution.

Global Reach

Assignments executed in over 60 countries.

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